Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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  • Biden in Iraq amid election row

    News - Middle East
    Biden was due to meet Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister, and Jalal Talabani, the country's president, on Saturday, to discuss the Iraqi move to exclude more than 500 politicians from the March vote. ...
  • 'Hamas will not recognise Israel'

    News - Middle East
    Addressing a rally in the Syrian capital on Friday to mark the end of the Israeli attack on Gaza a year ago that killed 1,400 Palestinians, Meshaal said Hamas does not want another war with Israel, but it will stick to armed struggle as a means to liberat...
  • Britain raises terror threat level

    News - Europe
    Britain has raised its international threat level to 'severe', its second highest level of terror alert, the home secretary says. ...
  • Mixed response to Obama bank plan

    News - Americas
    Shares have fallen in financial companies around the world after the US president announced plans to limit the size of Wall Street banks and prevent them from taking big risks. ...
  • Horror of Nigeria clashes uncovered

    News - Africa
    Reports on Saturday said that about 150 bodies had been recovered from wells in Kuru Jantar, near the city of Jos, where clashes began last week before spreading to nearby villages. ...
  • Haiti quake toll tops 110,000

    News - Americas
    Following the toll revision, the US Geographical Survey said on Saturday that the 7.0 magnitude quake that devastated the Caribbean nation was possibly the most destructive on record in the region. ...
  • Smugglers dump refugees in Corsica

    News - Europe
    Eric Besson, France's minister for immigration, has said a search was on for the smugglers who left over a hundred refugees on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. ...
  • Morales sworn-in for second term

    News - Americas
    Evo Morales, Bolivia's president, has been sworn-in for a second term, vowing to further tighten state control over South America's poorest economy and develop some of the world's largest lithium reserves. ...
  • Federer eases into fourth round

    News - Sports
    After yesterday's dramatic turn of events, Nadia Petrova's slaying of Kim Clijsters hinted that maybe a few more upsets could be on the agenda, but everything went according to plan in Saturday's third round clashes. ...
  • Disdain Versus Democracy

    Focus - Politics
    by Joel S. Hirschhorn That strange sound you hear if you listen closely is Senator Ted Kennedy spinning in his grave.  Could he have possibly imagined a worse consequence of his departure from the Senate when health care reform was so close?  Absolutel...
  • Gaza Children Sing for Obama

    Focus - Politics
    By Dr. Akram Habeeb Exactly one year ago, the Gazans who were then seared by the bright flames of phosphorous bombs used by what is ironically called the Israel Defense Forces, clung much hope on the new president of USA; they believed that he would prom...
  • US ends limits on campaign funding

    News - Americas
    The 5-4 ruling on Thursday was a defeat for the law's supporters who said that ending the limits would unleash a flood of corporate money into the political system to promote or defeat candidates. ...
  • Haiti to relocate 400,000 homeless

    News - Americas
    Haiti's government has said it will move about 400,000 homeless people to new villages to be built outside Port-au-Prince, the capital, after between one million and 1.5 million Haitians were left homeless by last week's earthquake. ...
  • Nigerians homeless after clashes

    News - Africa
    Up to 18,000 people are homeless after days of fighting between Christians and Muslims in the Nigerian city of Jos. ...
  • Israel 'needs West Bank presence'

    News - Middle East
    The Israeli prime minister has said that Israeli security forces must be allowed to operate inside any future Palestinian state. ...
  • Inside the International Criminal Court

    News - Europe
    Establishment: The Rome Statute creating the ICC was adopted in Italy on 17 July 1998. It came into being in July 2002 after the treaty was ratified by 60 countries. By now, 98 countries have endorsed the treaty. ...


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