Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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The Rising Danger of Digital Threats and Combating Them Head-On

Viruses have been around for as long as the internet. It is a never-ending battle between security specialists and updates and the hackers. The more tools and technologies that we introduce into our lives, however, the more threats we put ourselves under. It is for this reason that not only do we need to learn more about the threats and scams that are common today but also how to improve your security measures to reduce the risk of hackers getting to your data at all.

This is particularly important for businesses and their data. A ransomware email could be sent out, opened by an employee, and suddenly your entire cloud data system is taken, hostage. If you don’t have the information backed up or cannot get it back up quickly, this could result in all of your data being deleted and wiped out if you don’t pay the ransom for your data.

Learn how to secure your cloud data

The first step to securing your digital data is to know how to improve your security. This is especially important with cloud-based systems. You can go from being moderately protected to be extremely secure, just by following the Microsoft Azure Security best practices that can protect your IaaS cloud account. Particularly important for businesses, protecting your data this way can prevent breaches, data loss, or theft of your customers’ information.

Minimize personal information online

We all went a little crazy when social media first arrived on the scene, and as a result, provided far too much information to the public. In order to secure your digital presence and reduce the risk of hacking, you need to go through and delete all the old accounts you have owned in the past but no longer use, and either delete or make current accounts private.

Use Unique Passwords

Your own cybersecurity is not the only security system you need to be worried about. Every website you have signed up to, and every account you have used to pay for something online is also a risk factor. To minimize the risk that these other accounts are hacked, simply use unique passwords. That way, if someone hacks into another company and has your login info, they only have the login info for that account, and not also the password for your banking account.

Stay up-to-date with hacking news

Finally, stay up to date with hacking news. Know what big company has been hacked last, and more importantly know what scam or scheme is popular so that you can prepare and act fast to protect your data. There are so many threats and so many methods a cyber attack can occur, and only when you familiarize yourself with the possibilities can you better protect yourself.

Digital threats will only become more sophisticated, which is why security measures update on a regular basis. Stay on top of the best practices and security measures, and you can reduce the risk of a hack significantly.

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