Sunday, September 22, 2019
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AIPAC Hysterical over Obama’s decision


AIPAC operates lawlessly. It’s an unregistered foreign agent, violating US law, supporting Israel’s occupation harshness, its apartheid viciousness, its wars of aggression against defenseless Palestinians and neighboring Lebanon.

It’s a dagger in the heart of rule of law principles and democratic values, a threat to world peace. Despite violating US law, it operates freely, nothing done to hold it accountable. 

Its statement following Obama’s decision not to veto Security Council 2234, saying settlements have “no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation under international law,” said the following:

“AIPAC is deeply disturbed by the failure of the Obama Administration to exercise its veto to prevent a destructive, one-sided, anti-Israel resolution from being enacted by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In the past, this administration and past administrations have rejected this type of biased resolution since it undermines prospects for peace.”

Fact: SC Resolution 2234 correctly said Israeli settlements are illegal, flagrantly breaching international law.

Fact: With no enforcement authority, UN resolutions can’t change lawless policies of any country - especially Western ones and Israel the world body supports.

AIPAC: “It is particularly regrettable, in his last month in office, that the president has taken an action at odds with the bipartisan consensus in Congress and America’s long history of standing with Israel at the United Nations.” 

“AIPAC expresses its appreciation to President-elect Trump and the many Democratic and Republican Members of Congress who urged a veto of this resolution.” 

Fact: “America’s long history of standing with Israel at the UN” and everywhere else is deplorable - one rogue state supporting another, complicit in each other’s high crimes.

Fact: Congressional members and Trump urging a veto disgracefully support Israeli lawlessness - a regime run by fascists, Zionist zealots and religious extremists, treating Arabs the way Hitler treated Jews.

AIPAC: “By adopting this resolution, the United Nations has once again served as an open forum to isolate and delegitimize Israel - America’s lone stable, democratic ally in the Middle East.” 

“The Palestinian leadership has refused to return to talks with Israel and has continued to incite violence. Today’s destructive UNSC resolution only rewards this negative strategy and undermines efforts to truly pursue a lasting peace.”

Fact: Israel delegitimized itself by defiling rule of law principles. It scorns democracy, bans it, serves Jewish interests alone, its privileged class exclusively, viciously persecuting Palestinians for praying to the wrong God - “lasting peace” impossible under its rogue leadership.

AIPAC: “The best way to further the peace process with the goal of a two-state solution - which we support - would have been for the international community to do everything in its power to persuade the Palestinians to return to direct, bilateral negotiations without preconditions with Israel.” 

“Unfortunately, the UNSC today irresponsibly adopted a ruinous resolution that can only make the goal of peace even more elusive.”

Fact: Israel rejected a two-state solution throughout its sordid history, wanting all valued parts of Judea and Samaria exclusively Jewish, Palestinian rights denied, peace ruled out entirely, conflict prioritized, compromise out of the question.

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