Friday, February 22, 2019
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Why We Must Despise University Professors

University ProfessorsOn the need to rebel from within academia

Class is stronger than race and sex.

University professors are cowardly deceiving scum. There are no good professors.

They work under a cover of serving community and the public good yet they serve and replicate a system of extreme violence and repression; a system of layered exploitation that uses every method from war and genocide to economic slavery to psychological social engineering in order to maintain and increase its hierarchical domination.

Their work starts in the classroom and extends to the boardroom. They coerce and purify and provide the mental infrastructure of system maintenance and projection. You will “cooperate” and develop “professional ethics” and “universal values”...

It is disgusting to observe university service intellectuals posturing themselves into a self-image of community service and solidarity with the oppressed-other while not raising a finger to dismantle the very machine at its core. They are in a position to alter the production cycle of managers of mind and manners, yet they reinforce and perfect the indoctrination of self and of students instead.

Their lives of privilege are nestled in lies, as are all such lives. The lies that intra-class justice is justice, that privilege produces extra-class benefits, that knowledge arises from breeding and that it can be transferred via an administrative act; all necessary and comforting lies.

Without the armed thugs that preserve their power and the furniture of their lies they would be hapless beggars because they are empty. They pride themselves in being empty and give each other prizes for emptiness. They rise in the academic and administrative hierarchies for achieving emptiness and for celebrating emptiness.

They are truly a disgusting breed, destined to enlighten us all and to guide our leaders.

They excel at taking diversity and forming it into shapeless conformity. They work as a unit, like a meat grinder, with “radical” profs shaping activist students and business profs nurturing corporate service drones. Those that cannot be shaped are denied entry or expelled. There is no space for non-compliance.

They are gifted for selection. They select the emptiest by peer review and the most obedient by grading. And of course effective selection necessarily includes expulsion and failure. They look for and kill those who deserve to fail. And they mob and kill those who would expose them.

This explains why they are all exactly the same. There is no truer generalization at-the-root about a professional class; unless you believe in a difference between conservatives and liberal “progressives” or that a black feminist academic is not also a neutralizer and enforcer.

The university professorial class manages the highest-level institutional indoctrination, and must therefore be more fundamentally and completely aligned than any other class; more the same than politicians are the same or than doctors and lawyers are the same or than teachers, cops and soldiers are the same when they have been segregated and “elevated” into a service professional class.

The needed underlying monochromaticity, beyond school obedience and ordinary graduate or professional school indoctrination, takes another five to ten of the tenure track and is masked by an elaborate illusion of choice and independence supported by its own mythology and bureaucracy of “academic freedom”.

University professors cannot save themselves and will not save their students. We must love humanity and freedom enough to despise them in liberating ourselves. Only their jolt from rejection and our experience of rebellion can produce some result. Freedom means self-determination.

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