Friday, March 22, 2019
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Time to Hoist the Black Flag

ObamaI recently had an exchange with yet another Obama Liberal. You know the type—the kind who cannot face the number and enormity of the criminal inroads the Obama Administration has made into nearly every aspect of our lives. I have had no fewer than a dozen such encounters. They begin with name calling and ridiculing my evidence. When I challenge them to produce evidence that exonerates their man they slink back into their safe, warm, blind darkness without another word.

One thing that no Liberal can seem to countenance is the fact that Obama has continued and greatly expanded so many of the heinous programs originally initiated by Bush. These are the same programs that the same Liberals screamed about after they crawled out from under the rock where they had been hiding during  the patriotic fervor over 9/11. Normally these bipartisan steps toward tyranny occur gradually—as the ever increasing security measures surrounding the absurd and humiliating gymnastics airline passengers must now undergo “for their own security” in spite of the fact that these procedures seem mainly intended to reduce the traveler to a servile state of infantilism.

I am reminded of the story about the boiling frog who is unable to detect the small but fatal increases in the temperature until, by the time he has decided to flee the pot, he is cooked. Of course that story is apocryphal. No matter how gradual the temperature increase, when the water reaches a certain temperature the frog will jump. Frogs are not that easily fooled. Humans on the other hand are not so smart or sensitive. Our rulers are normally clever enough not to make their activities (designed to destroy our rights and increase their power) too obvious or make their activities too sudden, too soon. That is exactly where the Bush Administration failed. After the initial shock of 9/11 diminished somewhat, people began to see the draconian security measures (that were rushed through an intimidated Congress) for what they were—not having anything to do with fighting terrorism but merely not-so-subtle measures to control dissent, and frighten the population into giving up their freedoms. Brand Bush moved too fast, too soon and in a too ham-handed a manner. A revolution began brewing among the normally passive Liberals.

Who could be a better candidate to appear repudiate the excesses of the Bush Administration than a black Democrat who promised everything any Progressive or Liberal could ever hope for? “Vote for a change you can believe in” and we will see a rolling back of a foreign policy based on lies, torture, asymmetric war and anti-Muslim hatred. The tie between Wall St and the government will be broken. People will be held to account for high crimes and “dumb wars.” Labor will have a resurgence. Etc, etc, etc. Ralph Nader said it beautifully when he called Obama “great” the other day. “Obama is a great con man.” He said.

Now we have what some call a worse president than George W. Bush. Liberals who sing his praises for his wonderful words extolling gay rights, women’s rights, and ant-poverty remind me of the defense attorney who attempted to get his client off a murder charge by saying that the defendant always sent his mother a card on her birthday.

The New York Times editorial board has asserted “Obama has lost all credibility.”

They are responding to the shocking Guardian report that every phone call in the United States is now monitored. Every one! This revelation, coming as it has on the heels of the admitted monitoring of the AP reporters” phone conversations and the tapping of Fox reporter James Rosen’s communications with privileged informants, has caused the frogs on the NYT editorial board to start to jump the pot.

How much more of this are we going to take? It makes me so sad that Liberals continue to defend Obama’s torture, his Guantanamo disgrace, his murder of 200 (and counting) children—mostly from drone strikes, his continuing defense and support of the Wall St banksters, his persecution and prosecution of whistle blowers and investigative reporters worldwide, his scorn for habeas corpus, his illegal spying on Muslims and peace groups, his torture and prosecution of Bradley Manning, his attacks on Wikileaks and Julian Assange, his refusal to prosecute the war criminals and the miscreants from the Bush Administration, his inaction and hostility toward the environmental movement, his continued support for clean (sic) coal, nuclear, big oil, fracking and the XL pipeline, his delivering the American health care system into the hands of the Health (sic) Care for Profit Industry, etc, etc, etc.

After delivering this litany of infamy on the part of Obama to Liberals they always slink away in silence. Not one Liberal has ever challenged me with any legitimate evidence to counter my contention that Obama is not only a worse president than George W. Bush, but a far more dangerous one.

With this last move Obama has effectively slammed the door on every investigative reporter and every news organization in the world that has any pretense of being anything other than an official Press Corps Stenographer. Not that there were many left anyway. After Ed Morrow’s “demotion” after he criticized Joe McCarthy, the corporate run “free” press has remained an illusion. Still there have been independent, noble voices that stood apart and spoke truth to the corrupt and to our morally dead leaders. Now even those voices will have to become silent or face the consequences, including imprisonment and possibly even death.

Liberals who support Obama right or wrong, fail to realize is that the cost of imperialism sooner or later must be paid for by the loss of the freedoms and the rights of the people.

How much more of this are we going to take?

 “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.” H. L. Mencken US editor (1880 - 1956)

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