Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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The Helen Thomas' Resolution

Helen ThomasThose who are  engaged in the Palestinian solidarity discourse are familiar with two visions of conflict resolution: the ‘Two State Solution’ and the  ‘One State Solution’. This week we have learned about a third possible resolution that seems to me the most reasonable and ethical considering the circumstances.

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No Nukes/No Empire

NukesThe Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Requires the End of the U.S. Empire

If we are serious about the abolition of nuclear weapons, we have to place the abolition of the U.S. empire at the center of our politics.

That means working toward a world free of nuclear weapons demands we not only critique the reactionary wing of the U.S. power structure, the Bushes and Cheneys and Rumsfelds -- call them the reckless hawks. A serious commitment to a future free of nuclear weapons demands critique of moderate wing, the Obamas and Bidens and Clintons -- call them the reasonable hawks. The former group is psychotic, while the latter is merely cynical. After eight years of reckless reactionary psychotics, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security by reasonable moderate cynics. But we should remember that a hawk is a hawk.

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Crimes by Israel, Sanctions for Iran


fansThe Iranian nation is not unfamiliar with the double standards of the superpowers anymore. The history of Iran's relations with the western and eastern superpowers is filled with deceitfulness, dishonesty and fraudulence. The recent U.S.-proposed, Russia-backed United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran over its nuclear program is simply one example out of hundreds of instances which demonstrate that the big powers have not ever been honest and sincere with Iran.

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'Money for Nothin' and the Slick's for Free'

Photograph by: Lee Celano, ReutersRecently, in an article in the Calgary Herald volunteers were pictured cleaning up tar-balls from Florida beaches. The article was titled BP handed $69M bill for oil spill and somewhere it stated that: “Instead of coming ashore as a solid wave of crude, the oil is washing up in small brown globs the size of pennies, quarters and dollar coins”.

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The American 'Pirate' Nation

guantanamoSince when did the United States advocate the first use of nuclear weapons? As long as we are on the subject of this “new” United States, when did we start the practice of torturing enemy combatants? In the same kind of light, when did we decide to rule the world?

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