Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Ottawa RBC firebombing

University of OttawaTerrorism seeded by the University of Ottawa?

By quoting me out of context and inappropriately (using my off-the-record critique of a leading question) the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has insinuated in at least two of its reports that the Ottawa RBC firebombing was seeded in a “political activism” course that I gave and opened to free community participation in 2006 at the University of Ottawa. LINK.

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Did Bush & Co. Do Medical Research on Detainees?

waterboardAs time goes by, the record of the Bush administration gets worse and worse. It could turn out that the most egregious offense of the Bush-esque Obama administration will be that its Justice Department let Bush-Cheney & Co. off scot-free.

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Flotilla Assault Has Isolated Israel


activistsIsrael's brutal nature is comprehensibly evident to everyone. The independent nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America know well that Israel's existence is blended with inhumanity and violence.

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The Risin Tide of the American Left

US flagPart 1

There is a time and place for everything. I’ve heard that phrase uttered throughout my life. The thing is that most platitudes remain because they are so true. For many years the “liberal left” has been ostracized by the Republican majority under the Bush years so that even the word “liberal” became synonymous with out of touch tree-huggers that stood against every new technology and wilted at the thought of actually raising their voice in anger or resorting to violence to achieve their goals. Liberals were not portrayed as people that joined the Army or any of the other Armed Services. Liberals didn’t work on construction projects or any job that took real men (or women).

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Easing Gaza's Siege: Bogus and Unacceptable

Gaza SiegeOn June 17, Haaretz writer Barak Ravid and Reuters headlined, "Israel to ease Gaza land blockade" saying:

"Israel's security cabinet voted Thursday to ease its land  blockade of the Gaza Strip, following its deadly raid on a humanitarian aid flotilla bound for the (mischaracterized) Hamas-ruled territory," in fact, its legitimate government.

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