Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Mark Zuckerberg Loves Hillary Clinton

This is really scary:

Facebook just banned me from access to my account for 30 days (a whole month!) The most critical time of my social commentary until just a week before the election. This surprising censorship by FB was taken against me apparently for remarks critical of Hillary Clinton. Remarks that clearly fall within their own acceptable guidelines.

For those unfamiliar with my past remarks, I have made no threats against anyone's life, property, or well-being. Neither have I made any remark for which I could not produce accurate, reputable documentation.

Neither have I expressed any derogatory comments about the intelligence, reputation, parentage, or morals of any of my interlocutors. I may on occasion have questioned a person's judgment in a discussion. I think that is a legitimate debate technique as long as you can back it up with evidence and reasoning. These are my own FB policies with which I try to conduct all my discussions. I need no stinking FB social media guidelines to tell me how to conduct a fair and civil discussion!

No questions concerning these arbitrary, punitive FB censorship measures are ever allowed, no appeal, and no due process. (I've tried)

This time Mark Zuckerberg has gone too far. Who would like to join me and fight this continuing abrogation of our First Amendment rights? I am not the only victim.

I believe the opinion they are attempting to stifle is my contention that Hillary has and will continue to conduct her presidential campaign successes largely through vote fraud and other forms of deceit--like the way the leaked emails indicated the DNC disenfranchised Bernie Sanders, costing him the nomination.  

Now you may agree or even strongly disagree with this opinion. What I hope even my friends who are Hillary supporters will agree with is my right to say it and that I should not be gagged by Mark Zuckerberg just because he happens to disagree.

 Ignore my appeal at your own risk my friends. I hope you never express an opinion that Mr. Zuckerberg or President Clinton will disagree with.

React quickly, if you will. I may have my email account closed soon as well. The first thing they do when they move against you is cut off your access to communication. Is it possible I am finally beginning to have an impact--an influence? Wow!

This is truly scary. Now I am beginning to have a small idea of what life under Fascism must really feel like.

My only regret in this whole matter is that I had not been louder in my criticisms of Hillary Clinton.

Peace and Light be with your spirit.

Bob Boldt


A Bcc has been sent to at least eighty of my closest friends, supporters and acquaintances. I do not intend to stand alone in defense of our freedoms. Will you join me? 

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