Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Those Who Do Not Learn History…


A very well-known saying state, that “Those who don’t learn history are destined to relive its events”. A similar saying states that “History repeats itself”. Both sayings are completely false. History moves spirally; forwards and upwards, not circular. These sayings are deceitfully used to divert blame from the imperialist colonialist powers, which keep using the same military aggressive methods and political policies that had proved their efficiency in invading and occupying other countries.

War is a very lucrative business for corporations and for many politicians. Yet the regular man of the street, in general, wants to live in peace and does not want to go to wars. So, the first step for the politicians before going to wars is to brainwash their people to incite hatred and enmity against a targeted country by convincing them that the targeted country is posing a mortal threat to them. The supposed hostile country is allegedly developing weapons of mass destruction intended to be used against other nations.

Freeing other nations from their own suppressive dictatorial regimes, spreading humanitarian ideologies such as religions, freedom and democracy, and preserving world peace are also used as justifications for pre-emptive wars (with the use of our own sanctified weapons of mass destruction) and invasions of such threatening countries. At times leaders don’t hesitate to perpetrate false flag attacks against their own people in order to blame a targeted country and to justify wars.

Studying the history of occupation, one notices repeated patterns of events. Under some fake “patriotic”, “humanitarian” or “religious” cause a militarily powerful country sends its troops to a militarily weaker country, who is usually rich with natural resources, or has an important global geostrategic location. The occupiers destroy the local government and its institutions and replace them with their own. They disrupt the local social structure and oppress the people. To maintain control, they create a new sociopolitical class agreeable to their occupational policies and grant them limited power to manipulate and abuse their own compatriots. Hated by their own people, this sociopolitical class forms as a barrier between the occupiers and the occupied and absorb their hatred. Any resistance to the occupation is first directed against this particular group.

After long hard struggle the occupied gain their independence, yet unfortunately, after their own economy had been weakened or devastated. Before fleeing their colony, the occupiers install a puppet regime supported by what they claim to be economic aid to rebuild the country. Being paid by the ex-occupying country the puppet rulers are financially dependent; virtually employees, who have to adopt the occupiers’ policies that are beneficial only to the occupiers at the expense of the local people.

Recent history has witnessed a new type of occupation; settlers’ occupation. This type includes the immigration of occupying populations into the occupied country to replace the locals. They destroy the government, usurp land, perpetrate genocides and ethnic cleansing against local population, and build their own settlements; towns and culture, and call the land their own country giving it a new name.

The United States of America is one example of settlers’ occupation. Mainly European occupiers immigrated into the Americas. They called the continents the “new promised land” with savage heathen Indians. The political slogan was “a good Indian is a dead Indian”. The Church encouraged colonization under the religious call of “Christianizing the heathen savages”, but genocide and theft of land were the real goals. Indigenous native Americans were slaughtered; hundreds of millions of them - a grave holocaust, and their children were interned into religious schools and orphanages to be Christianized, denying them their own native names, their own native culture and heritage, and giving them alien Christian names that don’t mean anything to them. Millions of these children were sexually abused, tortured and murdered.

The alleged American founding fathers; militarily brutal colonizers landed on the east coasts of the continent. Then they moved westwards gradually encroaching on the natives, and forcefully cleansing them out of the land until eventually occupied the whole continent.

In the process they destroyed the family and social fabric of the natives by introducing them to addictive alcohol (fire water). They perpetrated germ war crimes against the natives. They created division and conflict between the native nations, armed one nation against the other and watched them annihilate each other, then they conquer the victor, who had come out of the struggle very weak.

Through the British Balfour Declaration, and the American administration’s threat and bribery of some country members of the United Nations, the UN General Assembly adopted in 1947 Resolution 181 calling for a Partition Plan of Palestine giving its minority Jewish community 42% of the country.
Those they could not completely destroy were herded into large concentration prison camps into desolate areas calling them “Indian Reservations.”

On the ruins of the native American nations rose the mighty military United States of America, an immigrant nation with successive war-mongering political administrations, who had adopted a manipulative controlled democratic political system alternating rule between two controlled political parties; what I call “dictatorship of democracy.” These administrations had led the people into a state of global perpetual wars that are bringing huge profits to the corporations on the expense of the lives of the young generations and the devastation of other countries.

Similar to the American natives, the Arab World is suffering from settlers’ occupation. Under the religious myths of “God’s promised land” as the safe haven for “God’s chosen people”, where they can escape persecution and anti-Semitism; the so-called mental illnesses of goyim, Zionism; a new form of colonization, had herded Jews into Palestine. Financially wealthy, and thus politically influential, World Zionists had orchestrated WWI and WWII, and with the effective propaganda of the alleged Holocaust and the fear of another one, were able to herd paranoid Jews to forcefully settle into Palestine.

Through the British Balfour Declaration, and the American administration’s threat and bribery of some country members of the United Nations, the UN General Assembly adopted in 1947 Resolution 181 calling for a Partition Plan of Palestine giving its minority Jewish community 42% of the country. Arab states rejected the resolution and sent armies to protect Palestinians. Yet the well-armed Jewish army; the Hagana consisted of Jewish terrorist groups: Irgun and Stern, defeated the poorly armed Arab armies and occupied more Palestinian land. The Zionist Jewish terrorist groups perpetrated many massacres against native Palestinians, razed to the ground more than 750 Palestinian villages, usurped Palestinian land and ethnically cleansed close to 800,000 Palestinians driving them out of the country into refugee camps. In 1948 Zionist Jewish colonizers established the state of Israel in Palestine.

The Palestinians are part of the Arab nation. The Arabs in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa constituted one whole nation with common language and common culture for over one thousand years despite the fact that they were under the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. After WWI Britain betrayed the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire and conspired with France to sabotage the formation of an Independent Arab State through Sikes-Picot Agreement dividing the Arab World into smaller states. They then installed puppet rulers to rule these states. The Arabs became divided according to the state they live in; Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Syrians and so forth, each with separate aspirations for their country.

The need for more land and natural resources led Israel to wage the 1967 aggression war against its neighboring Arab states. Israel occupied the rest of Palestine; the West Bank that was under Jordanian rule, the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula under Egyptian rule, and the Syrian Golan Heights. Israelis resorted to the old suppressive policies of settlers’ colonization. They perpetrated massacres, razed villages, imprisoned Palestinians including many children, and built their own colonies (settlements) on usurped Palestinian lands. They also isolated large number of Palestinian population into a large concentration prison camp called Gaza Strip.

Israel was able to divide Palestinians politically. The Palestinian Authority has been since inception an Israeli proxy administrative tool controlling and oppressing Palestinians. Weak, having no real authority, and financially dependent the Palestinian Authority had no choice but to follow the American/Israeli dictates and had opposed the democratically elected Hamas government. A political division and conflict ensued that led to Hamas isolation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli families got exhausted and tired of all the wars especially after the 1973 October War (Yom Kippur War) and the 2006 July Lebanon War (Second Lebanon War) when the Israeli army suffered many losses unlike the previous wars against the Arabs. So, the World Zionist leaders resorted to proxy wars. The 911 attacks against the American Trade Towers were orchestrated and blamed against Islamic terrorists. This attack initiated the “war on global terror”, or what I call “American global terror campaign”. The dual-citizen Zionist Jewish neocons, who controlled American foreign policy, drove Bush’s administration into sending the American army into the Middle East to devastate Iraq; an Israeli strong opponent. This was the first American war for Israel, followed by others later years.

Initiated by the American National Endowment for Democracy the Arab Spring (I call it Arab Winter) had devastated some Arab countries, spread chaos, increased terrorism and toppled regimes. Unfortunately, some Arab leaders from Gulf states financed and armed terrorists, who devastated Libya, Iraq and Syria. Libya and Iraq have been offered Western economic aid ostensibly to rebuild the country on Western terms. This is “order out of chaos” policy; destroy the country and control it through debt. Also supported by Obama’s and Trump’s administration the Saudi/UAE coalition with their mercenary forces have been bombing and destroying Yemeni towns for almost three years.

Like native American Indians, Arabs are divided, conflicted, and are fighting each other. Goyim fighting Goyim while Zionists Jews are getting richer selling them weapons to kill each other. Zionist Israel at the same time is aggressively expanding its illegal settlements (colonies) on usurped Palestinian land without any opposition. Once Arab leaders finish each other, Israel will move over, finish the last Arab leader standing, and complete the Greater Israel project to control the region initially, then the whole world.

One wonders; will the Arab leaders learn from history or are they going to relive its events? Will the Arabs face the same miserable fate American Natives had faced?

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