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International Nuclear Hypocrisy


The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been turned into oppressive tools to limit the spread of safe nuclear technology and to prevent states other than the five nuclear states (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council; US, UK, France, Russia and China) from acquiring nuclear weapons. These nuclear states want to maintain its arms superiority and hegemony.

Iranian nuclear program is a point in case. Iran started its nuclear program in 1957 under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi with the agreement and cooperation with the US under the Atoms for Peace Program. In 1960 the US sold Iran a small research reactor, which is located at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center. The reactor started operation in 1967 with the US providing highly enriched uranium fuel; about 10 pounds of highly enriched uranium, for the first several years of the reactor’s operation. In 1968 Iran signed the NPT.

 In 1974 the Shah established the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announcing plans to build 20 nuclear power reactors. The US, France and West Germany rushed in to acquire the lucrative contracts to build the reactors. Iran signed a contract with the German firm Kraftwerk Union; a subsidiary of Siemens, to build two reactors at Bushehr, and had also purchased nearly 600 tons of uranium yellowcake from South Africa.

Iran’s nuclear program was suspended after the 1979 revolution. To punish Iran, the US, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel incited, financed, and armed Iraq to wage the 8 years long (1980-1988) against Iran. The war devastated Iran and influenced its leaders’ decision to build a nuclear deterrent especially after the growing evidence if Iraq’s covert nuclear weapons program.

In 1990 Iran signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with China and in 1991 Iran imported from China one metric ton of uranium hexafluoride, but neglected to report it to the IAEA. This started Iran’s confrontation with the West. The US exerted political pressure on Iran’s nuclear partners to cancel their contracts. China pulled out of the contract to construct a uranium conversion plant. Argentina terminated its nuclear cooperation with Iran. Russia began in 1995 reconstructing one of the reactors at Bushehr, which was badly damaged during Iraq-Iran War. Yet after years of delay due to American pressure the reactor did not start operation until 2010 and was under IAEA safeguards.

Iranian officials kept assuring that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful. They opened their nuclear facilities to the most stringent inspections by the IAEA that were not imposed on any other country including the Additional Protocol to the NPT. In his speech to the UN on September 17th, 2005 President Ahmadinejad suggested that Iran’s enrichment program could be managed by an international consortium, with Iran sharing ownership with other countries. In June 2009 Iran agreed to a deal to relinquish its stockpile of low-enriched uranium in return for fuel for a medical research reactor. Iran has consistently supported the creation of a nuclear-weapons free zone in the Middle East. The Shah of Iran had formally and repeatedly proposed this concept in a joint resolution in the UN General Assembly, but did not receive any international support. In 2006 Iran’s President Ahmadinejad repeated this proposal, and in 2008 Iran’s foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki repeated it again, but the idea was ignored and rejected by the western nuclear power countries.

Iranian officials explained that they are not pursuing nuclear weapons because their religion, Islam, prohibits weapons of mass destruction, they believe that such weapon would cause nuclear arm race in the region, that they could not compete with the already nuclear countries, and that they have enough deterring conventional self-defensive weapons.

Yet the US and especially Israel kept repeating the mantra that Iran is only one year away from developing a nuclear bomb despite all the evidence and the intelligence reports stating otherwise. According to a study presented at the international nuclear conference in 2004 in France the Iranian scientists and staff were poorly trained and had a weak understanding of the most basic and simple principles of physics and mathematics. In 1992 after the IAEA inspected all the Iranian sites they requested, the Director General Blix reported that all activities they observed were consistent with the peaceful use of atomic energy. In fact all the inspection reports by IAEA had stating the lack of any evidence that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapon program.

The American National Intelligence Estimate reported in 2007 that Iran had discontinued its nuclear weapon program in 2003. This was again confirmed by US Intelligence Agency officials, who were interviewed by The New York Times in March 2012 stating that Iran had not restarted its nuclear weapon program. Even the Israeli Mossad shared these findings contradicting their Prime Minister Netanyahu, who never got tired of warning of the alleged Iranian nuclear bomb.

The whole world knew that Iran did not have a nuclear weapon program. Yet the Western pressure continued due to the fact that Iran opposes the Zionist Israeli project in the Middle East, and has supported Hamas and Hezbollah in their struggle against Israeli occupation. In May 2003, shortly after the American invasion of Iraq, a rumor spread around that the Bush administration had offered Iran a “Grand Bargain” through Swiss diplomatic channels. The offer included security assurances from the US, normalization of diplomatic relations, and nuclear cooperation in exchange for abandoning Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran rejected the offer.

After the Iranian President Ahmadinejad announced on 11 April 2006 in a televised address from the city of Mashhad that Iran had successfully enriched uranium to 3.5%, the UN Security Council responded on 26th December of same year with Resolution 1737 imposing a series of sanctions on Iran. The UNSC has passed a total of eight resolutions against Iran; (Resolutions 1696, 1737, 1747, 1803 and 1929). The real goals of these resolutions are limiting Iran’s nuclear capability and weakening Iran’s economy by banning Iranian oil from the market, thus raising oil prices and making more profit at the same time.

UNSC resolutions, economic embargo and the seizure of Iranian money and international banking investments were not enough for the US and Israel. Sabotage and assassinations were also targeted Iran’s nuclear facilities and nuclear scientists. At least five Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated during 2010 and 2011 most probably by Israeli Mossad agents. Sabotaging the electrical power sources to the nuclear facilities were attempted. The sophisticated Stuxnet electronic virus, developed by the CIA paid cyber programmers, has targeted and infected Iran’s centrifuges systems. All these, among other undeclared attacks, served only to strengthen Iran and to make its economy more independent.

Finally the Western nuclear countries resorted to what became known as the P5+1 marathon of nuclear negotiations that started in 2009. These back and forth negotiations concluded last Tuesday July 14th, 2015 with Iran’s agreement to open its nuclear facilities to what has been described by some as an extraordinary degree of intrusive inspections and constrains important nuclear elements for 15 years in exchange for immediate cessation of sanctions and embargos.

Many celebrated this treaty as an Iranian victory. Yet one needs to look deeper to determine that a treaty negotiated by Zionist American Jews like US States Secretary; Jew John Kerry, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Jewish Wendy Sherman and France’s Foreign Minister Jewish Laurent Fabius, is not really a good treaty for Moslem Iran. Top Zionists understand that a war against Iran would be a devastating war affecting the whole world, especially the Gulf States where the American military bases are easy targets for Iranian missiles, Israel would be targeted by missiles from Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, the whole Middle Eastern region would be aflame, and the world economy would collapse due to would-be oil crises.

This nuclear treaty is the first Zionist step to defeat Iran without a devastating war. Zionists aim to covertly control Iranian economy and eventually Iranian government through the Zionist-controlled western corporations, whose representatives have already rushed into Iran for alleged economical and industrial investments in the country. This is how they controlled the US.

The whole world knew that Iran did not have a nuclear weapon program. Yet the Western pressure continued due to the fact that Iran opposes the Zionist Israeli project in the Middle East, and has supported Hamas and Hezbollah in their struggle against Israeli occupation.
The five major nuclear powers (US, Russia, UK, France and China), who seem to enthusiastically promote the NPT are themselves the biggest violators of the NPT. Overtly they pretended to reduce their own nuclear bombs by eliminating the bulky unstable old bombs, yet covertly they develop new smaller tactical and more devastating mini-nukes. These mini-nukes are part of the US-NATO arsenal and were cleared for use in the conventional war theater by the US Senate in 2002. The US, who had nuked Japan, has also used nuclear weapons, in the form of Depleted Uranium, to devastate Iraq in 2003, contaminating Iraqi soil and water, and causing all kinds of cancer and birth deformations in the children of both Iraqi citizens and of American veterans.

Recently we see a nuclear weapons arms race between the US and Russia. When the US declared its intent to deploy a major troop force near Russian borders, Russia countered, last month (June), by announcing plans to increase its nuclear arsenal with more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles this year. This month (July) the US revealed that US military had successfully tested an upgraded nuclear gravity bomb; B51-12 that will replace four older versions of the bomb. Hippocratic Obama’s administration is upgrading its nuclear weapons while, at the same time, is using the NPT to limit Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

The US and European nuclear states do not have the slightest genuine intention of enforcing the NPT unless when it serves them in controlling and punishing other developing countries. In 2010 the Obama administration cancelled the NPT conference that intended to discuss nuclear weapon-free zone in the Middle East. Last May 2015 Obama’s administration, again, stopped the UN’s effort to make the Middle East a nuclear free zone. The reason of course is nuclear Israel.

Most intelligence agencies, including CIA and FBI, know that Israel has been developing nuclear weapons as early as the 1960s confirming the reports of the Israeli whistle-blower nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu. Initially the UK gave Israel the heavy water while France built Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor as rewards for participating in the 1956 Tripartite Aggression against Egypt after nationalizing the Suez Canal. Later the US has provided Israel, or allowed its agents to steal US government-owned weapons-grade nuclear material from Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC); a nuclear processing facility in Apollo, Pennsylvania. The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) posted its investigative report about this theft. In 1966 the FBI opened an investigation, code-named Project DIVERT, and discovered that 587 pounds of highly enriched uranium was classified as missing. The Zionist controlled US had actually helped Israel build its hydrogen bomb, also read the 386 page report “Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations” that was declassified by Obama’s administration.

In early 1980s Israel, with the full cooperation of the American company Milco International Inc. had deceptively and illegally smuggled approximately 800 krytron tubes; nuclear weapons detonation systems, from the US. Grant Smith, Research Director for IRmep discussed this theft on Corbett Report Radio. Netanyahu was a member of the smuggling ring according to some declassified government documents. IRmep posts many documents on its website proving that Israel has been spying on the US and stealing its nuclear technology and nuclear materials since early 1960s.

Israel, also, has been selling nuclear bombs. The case of Israel’s selling nuclear bomb to apartheid South African government is just one example. The Guardian published the memos and the minutes of meetings between Shimon Perez, then Israel Defence Minister, and Pieter Willem Botha, then South Africa’s Minister of Defence, known as “The Big Crocodile”, during a 1975 sales deal. One wonders who else Israel had sold nuclear bombs to!

Israel had also used nuclear weapons against its Arab enemies and against its loyal un-conditioning sponsor; the US itself. During the last days of its 2006 aggression war against Lebanon Israel bought from the US more than 100 poisonous GBU-28 5,000 pounds weaponized uranium aerosol bombs. This poison targets human reproductive organs rendering them sterile and deformed. Israel had dropped about 400 thousand-pounds of this radioactive poison on its shared border with Lebanon contaminating the whole rural farming area. The contaminated fruits and vegetables from these farming areas were ultimately sold and consumed in the European Union, Israel, Lebanon, and other participating trading partner countries. This is another reason to boycott Israeli agricultural products.

It was scientifically proven that the 911 attack was nuclear perpetrated by Israeli Mossad as reported by Russian intelligence sources in order to spread Islamophobia to push the US into waging Israeli proxy wars against Moslem Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran. Dimitri Khalezov; a former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer, confirmed that during a brunch meeting in Bangkok with Mossad Chief Mike Harari and other Israeli intelligence specialists, that the Israelis took credit for the planning and execution of the 911 attack.

Last May Israel took advantage of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, and sent two of its F16 fighter planes disguised as Saudi Arabia air fighters to drop Israel’s experimental Neutron bombs on Yemen.

Israeli state is the global loose nuclear mad dog, who had already nuked (confirmed) many countries; Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, including the country that feeds it; US (911). Throughout a whole decade Israelis have been threatening to nuke Iran and had sent their German made (gifts) nuclear submarines to station underwater in the Persian Gulf. (Also watch The Debate). Actually Israel is blackmailing the world with nuclear destruction as the Israeli military historian Martin van Cleveld bragged:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force … We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” (here)

This global threat is referred by Israeli officials as The Samson-Option, as detailed by many writers such as Seymour Hersh’s “The Samson Option”, Avner Cohen’s “Israel and the Bomb” and “The Worst-Kept Secret: Israel’s Bargain with the Bomb”, Michael Karpin’s “The Bomb in the Basement” among others.

NPT non-signatory nuclear armed Israel is the global threat. Shouldn’t the world impose on Israel harsher financial and economic sanctions, boycott and political seclusion than they had imposed on the NPT signatory peaceful nuclear Iran???

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