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Those Fraudulent Zionist Charities

Christian ZionistAs many of you might know, the New York Times (June 5, 2010) has belatedly reported on the massive violation of U.S. tax laws by both right-wing Zionist and Christian Zionist "charities." The report also emphasized that the same groups violating these laws are working overtime to thwart an important part of President Obama’s foreign policy. The way they accomplish this dual damage is by sending millions of dollars a year under the guise of charity to illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank, even as President Obama seeks to halt that same settlement process as a major impediment to peace.

There are several aspects of this story, not taken up by the NYT report, that need looking into: 1. Why are these Zionists, Jewish and Christian, so intent on fostering Israeli imperial expansion that they are willing to break American law? And, 2. Why has the U.S. government let them get away with it for years?
1. Many of the Americans donating millions and the Zionist front men illegally channeling their contributions to the settlements are religious zealots. For most Americans the only such zealots they are familiar with are the Islamic ones. Well, it is a very big world out there and religious fanatics are to be found just about everywhere, even in the USA. Our own home-grown version are folks who read their bibles (be they Old Testament or New) literally. It seems to make not a bit of difference to them that the modern language versions are translations of translations of translations going all the way back to Aramaic and Greek. Such a process is something like playing the child’s game of "telephone" with the alleged word of God.*
No matter, all those investigated by the NYT are convinced that they know what God has said and what God wants. God gave the Israelites the "promised land" of Israel and that includes Judea and Samaria. On the basis of this firm belief the American Jewish fanatics have transformed themselves from, say, New Yorkers of Polish ancestry, into the imagined blood relatives of the biblical Moses, Aaron, Solomon and David. The Christian Zionist fanatics are determined to see the Israelis have all of the Holy land, tear down the al Aqsa mosque, rebuild Solomon’s temple and thereby hasten Armageddon (during which most of the Jews are slaughtered) and then, voila, we see the return of Christ.
These two groups might seem to make strange bedfellows, but they are at least temporary allies. The NYT story makes this clear in its listing of just some of the estimated 40 charity cheating organizations dealing with Israel. The Tennessee charity called Ha Yovel, is really a Christian outfit "helping Jews establish permanence in the Israeli occupied territories." The Christian friends of Israeli Communities, Americans for a Safe Israel (Jewish), Friends of Zo Artzeinu (Jewish), Capital Athletic Foundation (Jewish), Amitz Rescue and Security (? who knows), The Central Fund for Israel (Jewish), the Irving Moskowitz family, the owners of Hagen-Dazs ice cream, Jack Abramoff, the very Christian John Hagee, ad nauseam. And what do they all have in common? None of them have any problem breaking the laws of their own country. It is easy for them because they all believe they are doing God’s work. And God’s commands, even when read in quite questionable translations, stand above any human law.
2. This violation of the laws regulating charitable giving has been going on for a long time. Back in the 1940s American donors were financing the terrorist activities of the Irgun. Today, according to the NYT, tax breaks for these sorts of activities "remain largely unchallenged and unexamined by the American government." When the paper contacted the Internal Revenue Service about this, the agency "declined to discuss donations for West Bank settlements." A State Department spokesman, speaking anonymously, said "it’s a problem. It’s unhelpful to the efforts that we’re trying to make." The response I find the most revealing is the one by Daniel C. Kurtzer who was American ambassador to Israel between 2001 and 2005. He told the NYT, that this activity always "drove us [the diplomats] crazy." However, it was a "politically delicate" issue, "a thing you didn’t talk about in polite company." Now what can that possibly mean? Just how "polite" was the company Kurtzer hung about with if criminal activity was an unmentionable subject? The NYT piece does not give us an answer.
I will fill in this very large blank. The reason this business has gone on for years, the reason it is unmentionable in "polite society," the reason the IRS is silent on the issue, the reason the State Department spokesman remains anonymous, and the reason why the whole thing is "politically delicate" is because of the financial and political power of the Zionist and Christian Zionist lobbies. They have proven themselves very adept at ruining political careers, making newspaper editors eat their words, and successfully backing candidates for office who will jump to their tune. Most in Congress are afraid of these people. The bureaucrats running both political parties are afraid of them. The media moguls are either afraid or true believers. And the vast majority of the voting public either sees the world through media and government smokescreens compatible with the point of view of these criminals, or they just don’t care. In other words, lobbies are central to our political system and these particular lobbies try very hard to run our foreign policy in the Middle East. Most of the time they succeed.
During the Bush Jr. administration things were even worse then at present. At that time, while these so-called charities were busily funneling millions of dollars to the settlements and paying for such charity related items as sniper rifles, guard dogs, night vision equipment and the questionable activities of far-right Israeli politicians, the Justice Department was methodically closing down American Muslim charities that were guilty of no more than funding Palestinian schools and hospitals. They claimed that these institutions were related to Hamas, but the evidence was always indirect, indecisive, and Israeli supplied. In those days the Justice Department was full of lawyers recruited from law schools affiliated with Christian fundamentalist colleges. Perhaps there is a connection here.
So, the question we are left with is, do we have laws regulating charitable giving or do we not? When it comes to Israel, the answer is we do but they are politically unenforceable. Does that undermine President Obama’s foreign policy? You bet. But what is perhaps worse is that it undermines the rule of law. I really do wish that I could arrange for all the politicians who are in the pockets of the Zionists to wake up tomorrow, and understand that their hypocritical approach to the law is no different than the behavior of policemen and judges bought off by criminal gangs. But I can’t. How about their constituents? Can we make them understand? A lot of people are working on that approach to the problem.
*It is to be noted that in Islam the only truly reliable version of the Quran is that written in the original classical Arabic.

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