Friday, July 19, 2019
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Another France’s False Flag Attack?

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWS

The French were shocked one more time by terrorist attacks last Friday November 13. The attacks carry all the fingerprints of false flag attacks that had been witnessed in previous false flag attacks in the American 9/11, UK 7/7 and France January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The victims were innocent civilians, the perpetrators were immediately proclaimed before any investigations, the terrorists were killed and silenced, passports identifying the nationality of the terrorists were found (implanted) next to their bodies, the government had a security exercise simulating similar terrorist attacks, and a declaration of war was announced by the head of the state.

Innocent civilians are always the victims of real and of false flag terrorist attacks. The purpose is to shock a nation and to recruit its citizens into unpopular wars. Being attacked and feeling threatened the national feelings and patriotism is incited by mass media, and people are encouraged to wage what is called “defensive wars”. Peace activists, dissenters, and whistle-blowers, who might oppose wars, would be called conspiracy theorist, cowards, unpatriotic, and even traitors.

The question is asked, then, would a government purposely murder its own citizens, whom it is supposed to serve and protect? The answer is a definite YES. We need to look only at recent history to learn that governments do not consider the welfare of its own people. Normal citizens are considered servants, work force, to be manipulated, taken advantage of, and even sacrificed for the benefit of the small powerful wealthy elite. In the twentieth century the governments of US, Canada, Australia, European countries, and most of the Middle Eastern countries are totally controlled and manipulated by the Talmudist/Federal Reserve/International Bankers/military industrial complex/Rothschild cabals. Normal civilians and military personnel are renewal disposable sacrifice for this cabal.

In every false flag terrorist attack the alleged perpetrators are immediately identified and proclaimed even before any preliminary investigation. The alleged perpetrators/attackers are pre-identified by the real conspirators and are immediately pronounced even before the dust of the terrorist attack settles. This immediate association is conditioned in the psyche of the masses, and is re-enforced by the Zionist controlled media. Many still believe that the 911 terrorist attack was perpetrated by the cave dweller Ben Laden, even though many evidence, studies and scientific analysis point to the Israeli Mossad and internal American operatives.

Similarly, the French President; Francios Hollande and the French intelligence, immediately and within just one hour and without any investigation and without any shred of evidence, announced that ISIS is the real perpetrator of the attack.  Such announcement is considered a silly hilarious accusation by the keen well informed political observers and by readers of international alternative news sources. It is a well-known fact, supported by many investigations and evidence, that the French government is a supporter of the ISIS mercenaries. The French government is a main partner in the anti-Syrian terrorist sponsoring coalition; US/UK/Turkey/Israel/Qatar/Saudi Arabia, who train, financed, and provide heavy armaments to what they call “moderate Syrian opposition”; all the anti-Syrian terrorist groups including ISIS.

One would ask the question why ISIS would attack its supporting employers. Shouldn’t they attack Russia, who has been pounding ISIS’s headquarters and its weapons depots?

After-the-fact reports tell us that the alleged terrorists have been known by the intelligence agencies and had been under their strict surveillance for long time. Terror attacks involve financing, planning, surveillance, training, arming, and communication with outside terrorist leaders. Yet these intelligence agencies with all it sophisticated equipment had, somehow, failed to detect and prevent the attacks. Many leaked reports indicate that the actual perpetrators are intelligence patsies, who had been suckered or coerced into the act. Once their mission is completed they are intentionally killed, not taken prisoners, so they would not confess and point fingers.

One feature of the line of false flag terrorist attacks that started with the American 911 and is still prominent until the latest French attack is the discovery of the legal identification documents; passports and ID, of the terrorist next to their killed bodies. In 911 attacks it was claimed within hours of the attacks that three passports of hijackers of different planes were found intact or partially burnt. Knowing the extent of fire damage and the thousands of tons of debris caused by the attack one would but laugh at such hilarious claims. Yet such claims pop again in different later attacks such as the ID of the attackers against Charlie Hebdo magazine that was discovered in the getaway car, and now discovering the Syrian and Egyptian passports of the attackers of last Friday.

The French government is a main partner in the anti-Syrian terrorist sponsoring coalition; US/UK/Turkey/Israel/Qatar/Saudi Arabia, who train, financed, and provide heavy armaments to what they call “moderate Syrian opposition”; all the anti-Syrian terrorist groups including ISIS.
This seems to indicate that the author of these attack scenarios is the same person. Terrorists and especially suicide bombers have no need to carry and leave behind such an incriminating document. Discovering the passports next to the bodies of terrorists rather than within their pockets indicates planting this evidence into the scene of the crime. The other question one should ask is whether these documents are authentic or forgeries.

In the severest terrorist attacks we discover later that the self-proclaimed victim government had been conducting simultaneously or during the same day of the attack security exercises that simulate the exact terror attacks. Similar to the American security exercise of responding to attacks by hijacked planes in the morning of 9/11, the French security agencies conducted on the morning of Friday 13th an emergency scenario of a multi-site attack in Paris that involved first responders, medical personnel, police and fire departments. They were ready for such an attack.

Immediately after these false flag terrorist attacks the heads of states declare the attack as “an act of war”, impose a state of emergency, and declares an all-out self-defensive global war against terrorism. Hollande’s declaration of joining the coalition against ISIS was similar to Bush’s “you are either with us or with the terrorists”. His defense minister Jean Yves Le-Drain's assertion this week that "ISIS must be wiped out," fits perfectly in line.

The western declaration of war against their own created terrorist ISIS mercenaries is a cover for the Zionist plan; “Greater Israel” exposed by Israel Shahak, to divide the whole Arab World into smaller weaker warring sectarian mini-states. The American version is called the “New Middle East Project”. The Zionist CRIF in Paris, CFI in London and AIPAC in Washington are pushing aggressively to ship American and European young soldiers into the Arab World to kill and be killed in a proxy war for Israel on the expense of the citizens of these western countries.

The western anti-Syrian terrorist war is going now into its fifth year. Most of Syria has been turned into ruins. Few millions of its citizens have been forcefully evicted into exile. When the government was coming into exhaustion Russia entered the conflict to reap the fruits of what the west had labored for. With its devastating raids against ISIS, compared with fake American raids, Russia is fast gaining popularity and influence in the region. Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are gaining militarily in the battle field, and politically in the Vienna Peace Conferences. The Western team needed to strengthen its political position by strengthening its military position on the ground. France was brought in.

During WWII Syria was a French colony. France would like to regain at least part of its old Syrian colony. This was France’s share of the cake when the division of the region was originally planned before the Russian interfering and spoiling the party. France needed to become a more active party in the region. On November 5th the French Council of Ministers announced that France will send its nuclear aircraft carrier group Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East to “fight against the Islamic State”. The aircraft carrier was planned to head to the Mediterranean on November 8th. The decision was not received well by some political parties who opposed any further involvement in the conflict.

The behind-the-curtains Zionist handlers of the French government needed to gain the citizens support for their intensive involvement in the Middle Eastern wars. The media has always been the best brainwashing and indoctrinating tool. Since the beginning of October the French media started fomenting public fears of possible French style 911 terrorist attack; “un 11 Septembre a la Francaise”; “The attacks in France will be on a scale comparable to 911”  as predicted by Judge Trevedic in an interview with “Paris Match”.

To finalize the terrorist attack plot, the head of France’s external intelligence (DGSF; French equivalent to British MI6 and American CIA) director Bernard Bajolet travelled to Washington two weeks before the attacks for consultations with CIA Chief John Brennan and with former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror.

Although lacking legitimate evidence of French “act of war” claim, under the justification of self-defense President Hollande authorized on Sunday the dispatch of twelve French warplane to target ISIS positions in North Syria. We have to wait and see if the targets were really ISIS positions or Syrian lifesaving installations such as water sources and power plants similar to the power plants in al-Rudwaniya east of Aleppo that were bombed by the internationally illegal American raids.

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