Monday, May 20, 2019
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Israeli Myths: Part II

Gas The ArabsPart one of this article discussed the Zionist Jewish Israeli mother lode myth of God’s Chosen People in God’s Promised Land that gave birth to all other Zionist Jewish Israeli myths. Part two will discuss only the most dangerous of these myths, for discussing them all requires volumes.

Jews are one race. As God’s Chosen People Jews claim themselves to be a pure-blooded one race tracing their lineage all the way back, at least, to Abraham if not to Adam. Their prophets, rabbis, and political leaders had emphatically always called on them to separate themselves from other nations and to intermarry to keep their “holy seed” pure. Yet if one walks through any Israeli city or through any Jewish community anywhere in the world for that matter, one can easily notice the huge racial diversity in the population. Jews come in different colors and ethnic characteristics. There are the blacks, the browns, the whites, the reds, the yellows, and the blondes.  

The Israelites had mingled with and married within other nations. Even Moses, their holiest prophet, had married a non-Israelite; an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1). The Israelite kings followed their prophet and married non-Jewish women. King David married Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite after causing his death (Samuel 2, 11). King Solomon had non-Jewish (Egyptians, Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, Hittites and others) seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines (Kings 1, 11:1). The regular Israelite men and women had mingled with and married within other nations.  

Like any other religion Judaism sought to convert other people into the religion. Many Arab tribes in the south of Arabian Peninsula adopted Judaism. They, later on, believing that the Prophet Muhammad was their awaited Messiah, converted to Islam. Judaism was also adopted by the Khazars and was made the state religion in the 7th Century.  The Khazars’ empire controlled southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, Azerbaijan, large portions of Northern Caucasus, parts of Georgia, the Crimea, and Northeastern Turkey. Such huge population has no blood relation to Abraham. 

Many Zionist Jewish historians, themselves, had refuted the myth of Jews as one race. Dr. Shlomo Sand’s study “The Invention of the Jewish People” (read the review of Simon Schama) and Israeli Professor Tom Segev’s article “An invention called the Jewish people” are just two examples among many regarding this myth.  

Adopting Judaism does not make a Jew an Israeli, adopting Islam does not make a Moslem an Arab, and adopting Christianity does not make a Christian a citizen of any Christian country.  

The myth of Israelites’ exodus from Egypt: This is not just a huge distortion of the Israelite history but also a distortion of world history as well. This myth starts with the sale of Joseph as a slave into Pharaoh’s house and becoming, later after imprisonment, an Egyptian leader second only to Pharaoh and ends with Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. It is a very well known fact to historians and archaeologists that ancient Egyptians were the most meticulous recorders of their history, especially of the lives of their leaders. Nowhere in the Egyptian records was found even a remote mention of Joseph, of Israelites, of all the many plaques inflicted on the Egyptians by the angry vengeful Judaic god, the Israelites exodus, or the drowning of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. Huge doubts shrouded the personality of Moses cast further doubts about exodus as a historical reality. It is known that Jews thoroughly document the lineage of their prophets all the way back to Adam. Yet very little is known about Moses’ family or his descendants. The descendants of such a great Israelite prophet would have expected to lead the Israelites for few more generations. Moses suddenly and mysteriously disappeared as he suddenly and mysteriously appeared.  

None of the historical or archaeological records and studies mentions nor confirms the myth of the exodus. 

The myth of Jewish persecution: Along their whole history the Jews have depicted themselves as the perpetual victims of other people’s persecution. Anti-Semitism, claimed to be anti-Jewish although there are other Semitic people such as Arabs, is always being used to as an indication of people’s hatred towards Jews. It is used as a defense mechanism the Jews use against anybody who criticizes Jews and the state of Israel. Zionists incite, encourage, and plan anti-Jewish sentiments and crimes to justify their claim of a need for a safe Jewish state. Israel uses anti-Semitism to justify its genocide of Palestinians and the theft of their country. Zionist Jewish Israeli literature want us to believe that all non-Jewish nations suffer from an irrational pathological hatred of Jews.  

Talking to a 10-year old about the historical global persecution of the Jews he surprised me with the most logical question: “Why, what did the Jews do to deserve such a persecution?” The fact is that such an anti-Jewish sentiment originates from the Jewish attitude towards others. Their belief of God’s Chosen People drives the Jews to consider themselves the global master race, to separate themselves in protected communities (Ghettos) away from all non-pure nations, to look down at other nations, and to consider others slaves and animals whose sole existence is to serve the Jews.  

Since ancient history the Jews employed themselves into unfair monetary usury and recently into financial banking and debt industry. They traded heavily in alcohol, prostitution, human organ trafficking, and slavery. They had kidnapped Africans and sold them in the Americas as slaves causing the death of five to nine million Africans during transportation; a well documented holocaust (Who Brought the Slave to America?) 

Anti-Jewish sentiment is the natural reaction of people to Jewish own pathological religious hatred and disdain to all other nations, and their manipulation, corruption, and damage to other societies through their debt financial usury financial organizations. American Israel Public Affair Committee’s (AIPAC) manipulation of American financial systems, corruption of American politicians, manipulation of American foreign policy, and control of American minds and lives through manipulation of mass media and religious organizations is just an example of Zionist Jewish damaging effect on other nations.  

Jewish Holocaust and the 6 million victims: The Holocaust is probably the most controversial subject since WWII. Holocaust is used by Zionists to instill guilt feeling in European nations, especially Germans, to extort money and political support from them. It is also used to instill a severe pathological phobia (same as anti-Semitic phobia) of other nations in the Jewish psyche in order to encourage Jews to immigrate to Israel. Furthermore, Holocaust is used to justify the illegal establishment of the terrorist state of Israel in Palestine and of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians and to exonerate the Israeli army of all their violations of international laws, their crimes against humanity, and their war crimes.  

Although there are numerous other genocidal crimes worse than the Holocaust with many millions of victims more than 6 millions, it is only the Jewish Holocaust that has been singled out to be sanctified even over God himself. Whereas it is legal and permissible to discuss all historical events, to blasphemy against all religions, and even to deny the existence of God himself, it is, though, illegal and not permissible to even discuss the Holocaust outside of its Zionist context. Severe punishable laws had been set up to penalize all those who dare to research, study, and discuss the real facts of the Holocaust. Yet many honest research historians (revisionists) were willing to face character assassination, physical assaults, disbarment from academic and professional associations, humiliation, long term imprisonment, and huge financial fines to courageously challenge the validity of the Holocaust. 

Forensic and scientific researches and studies had casted a huge doubt over the validity and reality of the Holocaust. Studies show that it was impossible to burn 6 million people during the Nazi regime even with non-stop 24-hours operations. Studies also determined that the alleged crematory gas chambers were unfit for such operations. Chemical analysis of the walls of these chambers did not yield any residue of the alleged used Zyklon B gas to kill people. Historical records showed that Zyklon B was used to for disinfecting clothing and buildings in camps ravaged by the typhus epidemics. 

Zionists point to the Nazi “final solution for the Jewish problem in Europe” as Hitler’s direct order to exterminate the Jews. There was found no Nazi official order to exterminate the Jews. On the contrary this final solution was meant to encourage German Jews to immigrate to Palestine. Having similar racist elitist ideologies Zionist organizations worked with Nazi Germany to encourage European Jews, especially the very rich German Jews, to immigrate to Palestine to establish the state of Israel. It is a documented fact (other many documents) that Zionist had cooperated with Nazis to teach Zionist European Jews the necessary agricultural and military skills required to live in Kibutzims (agricultural communist farms) before shipping them to occupy Palestine. Nazi Germany had shipped many Jews, and transferred money, to Palestine to execute the final solution for the Jewish problem. Zionists, through the “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel” terrorist group, better known as Lehi or Stern Gang, had cooperated with the Nazis and conducted terrorist attacks against British troops in Palestine.  

The Holocaust, or Shoah in Hebrew, means religious burnt offering to God to achieve some kind of blessings. Zionist leaders used this term to correctly reflect the deliberate sacrifice of comfortably living rich German Jews, who rejected Zionism and refused to immigrate to Palestine to establish the state of Israel, in order to gain sympathy for the Zionist cause, and to extort financial support from other nations. Zionist organizations cooperated with Nazi Germany through the Judenrats (Jewish councils in Ghettos) to hoard non-Zionist believing Jews into labor camps and to confiscate their properties, and to incite anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) crimes such as the Chrystal Night (Kristallnacht) to scare the Jews into immigrating to Palestine.  

The Holocaust has been described as an industry through which Zionism gains financial and political support to the backbone of its project “Greater Israel” in the Middle East. The cry of “never again”, only to the Jews, justifies the founding of Israel as a safe haven to the Jews, which in itself is another myth, for Israel is the most dangerous place for Jews to live in. Although many Jews, as well as many other citizens including Germans, had been sacrificed and deliberately exterminated during WWII, the Holocaust alone will stay a controversial issue until it becomes permissible to study, and until related historical records are released to the public.  

One wonders what would the records reveal that Zionist are afraid of!

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