Friday, July 20, 2018
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The Collapse of Journalism/The Journalism of Collapse

New Storytelling and a New Story

There is considerable attention paid in the United States to the collapse of journalism -- both in terms of the demise of the business model for corporate commercial news media, and the evermore superficial, shallow, and senseless content that is inadequate for citizens concerned with self-governance. This collapse is part of larger crises in the political and economic spheres, crises rooted in the incompatibility of democracy and capitalism. New journalistic vehicles for storytelling are desperately needed.

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A Miracle or a Meltdown... One or the Other...

Tonight in Dana Point, California, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be holding its annual hearing on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station's recent performance, which has been lousy.  They'll give San Onofre an overall "B" where it should be getting a failing grade.  San Onofre should never have opened, and should be closed for good immediately.  For safety.  For economics.  Forever.

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Venezuela in Washington's Crosshairs

Hugo ChavezWashington fears Hugo Chavez for good reason. His "good example" threat raises concerns that other regional leaders may follow. As a result, throughout his tenure, he's been targeted and vilified - to discredit, weaken and undermine his government to destroy Bolivarian benefits millions of Venezuelans now enjoy, won't easily give up, nor should they.

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Carl Boggs, The Crime of Empire. Rogue Superpower and World Domination

Carl Boggs, The Crime of EmpirePluto, London- New York 2010, p. 291, L 14,99
By Ludwig Watzal

Successive governments of the United States of America like to designate other countries, whose leaders they do not like, "rogue states“. Noam Chomsky showed in „Rogue States“ that this designation does not apply to countries such as Iraq but to the United States itself. According to him, the American superpower fulfills all the characteritics of such an entity. The U. S. and its "junior partner“, the United Kingdom, made Iraq a cartoon of an  "outlaw nation“ that threatens the entire world, and Saddam Hussein the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

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Freedom of Association Restrictions and Discrimination in Israel

And Occupied Palestine

A December 2009 Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network "Monitoring Report on Freedom of Association in the Euro-Mediterranean Region" assessed it in EU and Middle East countries, including Israel and Occupied Palestine, the topic of this article.

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