Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Elias Akleh Profile Page
Elias Akleh


An Arab writer from a Palestinian descent born in the town of Beit-Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa after the "Nakba" of 1948, then from Beit-Jala after the "Nakseh" of 1967. He lives now in US and publishes articles on the web.


11/07/2018 14:05:18MESA; Arab NATO-like Alliance
10/22/2018 12:02:08International Hypocrisy
09/20/2018 12:06:02Wiping Palestine off the Map
08/19/2018 17:33:03Dangerous Confrontation in the Middle East
07/24/2018 13:09:58Israel; the Ultimate Racist Colony
06/30/2018 20:52:08Al-Quds is not Jerusalem
06/13/2018 14:53:00International Quds Day
06/07/2018 11:14:23Gaza Holocaust
05/22/2018 14:41:16With Israel, Peace Has no Chance
05/14/2018 14:38:28The Biggest Threat to Peace
05/07/2018 15:06:36The Abandoned Palestinians
04/16/2018 12:58:32The Crime of the Tripartite Aggression Against Syria
04/03/2018 12:46:55Palestinian Land Day
03/04/2018 17:43:16Those Who Do Not Learn History…
02/04/2018 15:40:52The Charade of Trump’s State of the Union Speech
12/24/2017 20:45:13Trump’s National Security Strategy
12/14/2017 16:31:14Al-Quds; whose Capital?
11/21/2017 16:08:26Trump; Merchant of Death
11/12/2017 14:33:11New War Drums out of Saudi Arabia
11/04/2017 14:21:34British Treachery: Balfour Declaration vs Hussein-McMahon Agreement
12/05/2016 11:09:07Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy
11/06/2016 10:22:43Balfour Declaration vs Hussein-McMahon Correspondence
07/10/2016 13:53:16The Hijacking of Palestinian History
04/25/2016 10:16:56American Tax Money
12/14/2015 15:11:33Future Prospects for Aqsa-Intifada
11/01/2015 14:59:28Another Aqsa Intifada
10/19/2015 13:43:46The Battle for Al-Aqsa
07/21/2015 12:27:54International Nuclear Hypocrisy
06/06/2015 14:03:25Facts About The Six-Days-War
02/16/2015 14:05:19Connecting the Middle Eastern Dots
12/29/2014 11:34:21Holidays- Theirs & Ours
10/20/2014 12:49:23Judaization of Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque
09/21/2014 10:02:33Palestine; Israel’s Arms Testing Lab
07/23/2014 13:13:02The Systematic Palestinian Genocide
06/23/2014 13:36:09Teens Abductions; Palestinians vs Israelis
05/19/2014 13:00:59Israel’s Water Genocide
03/17/2014 12:55:55The US-Israel Special Relationship
02/10/2014 14:40:51Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals -Part I
01/12/2014 13:24:34Israel- Guilty of Genocide
11/25/2013 12:35:12Israeli obliteration of Palestinian Olive trees
11/11/2013 12:10:08Zionist Crimes Against The Jews
09/17/2013 08:24:30Israel’s History of Chemical Weapons Use
08/04/2013 09:07:41Reasons for Palestinian/Israeli Futile Talks
04/15/2013 08:37:48Israeli Massacre of Deir Yassin
04/01/2013 11:21:47Palestinian Land Day
03/18/2013 08:09:09AIPAC’s Anti-American Resolutions
02/04/2013 07:27:54Israel’s Perpetual Terrorism
01/28/2013 08:48:05Israeli Election; Fake Democracy
12/31/2012 09:10:10The Real Murders Of Children
12/09/2012 11:53:37American Nuclear Hypocrisy
11/29/2012 09:31:36Thanks to … Mad Netanyahu???
11/06/2012 09:28:55Abbas’s Declaration - Balfour’s Declaration
04/29/2012 09:16:54Holocausts: Theirs and the Many Ours
03/26/2012 10:03:46Hypocrisy of Humanitarian Aid to Syria
02/27/2012 12:41:05Friends (Enemies) of Syria Conference
12/21/2011 10:11:19Sanctioning Syria: Who is the Real Loser?
11/14/2011 12:13:44The Snake Behind the Arab Spring
10/15/2011 10:33:08The Real Enemy of the Palestinians
01/18/2011 11:58:23Martin Luther King and the Palestinians
12/06/2010 11:37:26The Hidden War
11/01/2010 09:45:36Israeli Settlers’ Terror
10/12/2010 09:27:59Time for New Palestinian Political Strategy
09/27/2010 10:48:30Zionism vs Judaism
09/15/2010 09:38:54The Power Elite, and Al-Qaeda
09/07/2010 08:57:55Why Negotiate …Again?
08/10/2010 09:12:13Igniting Armageddon in The Middle East
08/02/2010 11:26:49Judaic Pagan God
06/29/2010 10:01:10Who is the Terrorist: Hamas or Israel
06/07/2010 13:58:18Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity
06/01/2010 13:03:04Israel’s International Piracy
05/24/2010 11:08:27The Biggest Threat to Peace in Middle East
04/26/2010 10:54:26Canadian/Israeli Stamp of Shame
04/17/2010 10:54:43The Untapped Power of Arabia
03/29/2010 09:28:59Talk about US/Israel Crisis
03/08/2010 13:29:47Netanyahu Re-igniting Religious War in the Holy Land
03/03/2010 09:48:05The Dangers of Two States Solution
02/15/2010 11:44:39Zionized Egyptian Mubarak’s Regime


04/13/2018 14:49:59Dangerous Escalation in the Middle East
03/22/2018 16:45:04Punishing Russia
02/12/2018 16:36:47Implications of Downing the Israeli Fighter Plane
11/27/2017 15:35:35The Betraying Arab League
12/20/2016 13:03:34Realities of War Against Syria
11/13/2016 12:15:18Secrets behind Trump’s Presidency
08/05/2016 10:52:43The Charade of the Presidential Election
05/30/2016 10:33:14Dishonoring American Veterans
05/17/2016 09:31:59The Real Nakba
04/04/2016 09:07:14American Democracy at Its Worst
01/05/2016 15:30:16Judaic Indoctrination of American Christians
11/16/2015 14:56:37Another France’s False Flag Attack?
09/14/2015 13:30:18Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement
05/17/2015 13:05:49The Palestinian Nakba; A Nucleus of Nationwide Arab Nakba
05/10/2015 16:45:45The Anti-Arab Zionized Ruling Al Saud
01/17/2015 15:39:58Charlie Hebdo: A Convoluted World
12/01/2014 12:32:44Israeli Barbarity and International Hypocrisy
10/07/2014 12:50:03Syria is Still the Main Target
09/08/2014 10:31:08First Palestine, and You are Next
05/27/2014 11:25:06'Do you hate us?'
05/04/2014 13:25:58The Paranoid Jew
03/02/2014 14:53:33Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals- Part III
02/17/2014 13:11:28Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals- Part II
12/02/2013 11:34:36Palestinian Day of Rage
10/14/2013 14:18:25Israeli Perpetual Terrorism
09/05/2013 09:27:41Who Really Used Chemical Weapons?
08/19/2013 09:19:21Egypt’s Painful Birth Pangs
07/22/2013 10:16:33Sabotaging Egyptian Revolution
07/08/2013 11:21:08The Real Egyptian Spring
05/18/2013 10:53:0065 Years of Palestinian Nakba
03/25/2013 09:19:24Obama’s 'Listening' Trip to the Middle East
02/18/2013 09:14:51The War Against American Christians
02/11/2013 07:53:10The War Against American Christians
11/19/2012 10:06:50Gaza’s Surprises Shatter Netanyahu’s Political Ambitions
11/13/2012 09:42:59Obama’s Presidency Through Palestinian Eyes
10/22/2012 08:41:53Western Media Dictatorship
10/02/2012 08:25:11Iranian Real Threat
09/17/2012 19:20:40Israeli War against Palestinian Children
09/10/2012 07:58:48The Terrorist War Against Syria
04/02/2012 09:10:44Palestinian Land Day: Global March to Jerusalem
01/23/2012 13:14:02The Brainwashing of the Jews
10/02/2011 10:55:29Abbas’ Dangerous Path to Palestinian Statehood
01/31/2011 13:51:32Palestine Papers … Uncovering the Well-Known
01/10/2011 11:29:29The Economic Hydra
08/30/2010 10:31:52Israeli Myths: Part II
08/27/2010 08:59:21Israeli Myths: Part One
02/20/2010 09:08:49An International Crime Called Gaza


06/09/2014 12:03:309-11 Was a Nuclear Attack
11/01/2012 09:20:05Qatari Emir in Gaza

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Elias Akleh
Elias Akleh

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2340 Bloomfield Lane, Corona. CA. 92882


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