Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Ludwig Watzal


Dr. Ludwig Watzal, a contributing editor at MWC News works as a journalist in Bonn, Germany.


01/24/2018 13:58:05Not Anti-Semitism but less Sympathy for Israel
09/23/2015 13:56:26Wake up, President Obama!
03/04/2015 15:20:30Netanyahu addresses 'his' Congress
11/27/2014 11:56:59Did Israel's ‘Democracy’ become just Jewish?
11/11/2014 15:02:27‘One-State Solution’ for Israel/Palestine
07/08/2014 12:23:16In the Case of Israel: Western Hypocrisy at its Best
01/17/2014 12:25:14US Senate vs. Iran
12/29/2013 14:47:35Peace Charade
12/18/2013 13:44:39Let Saudi Arabia Go Alone!
11/03/2013 15:16:45Obama: A Drone Terrorist?
10/08/2013 11:33:28Is Netanyahu Israel’s ‘wolf in wolf’s clothing’?
08/13/2013 08:23:49The 'Israel Lobby' threatens freedom of speech in Germany
05/27/2013 08:53:46Torture and Human Rights violations in Israel and Palestine
03/05/2013 09:40:48AIPAC doesn’t stand for peace
03/03/2013 13:55:27‘On Torture’ in Israel
02/11/2013 08:15:04US Military Casualty Statistics
01/23/2013 09:33:28No War against Iran: The Israeli and American elections
01/20/2013 09:47:52Anti-Semitism 'ridiculed' in Germany
12/16/2012 08:25:22Chuck Hagel: the best for the Pentagon
11/25/2012 09:15:57Palestine’s Liberation from the ‘Palestinian Authority’
11/20/2012 10:34:48Israel: Perpetrator or self-proclaimed victim?
11/13/2012 09:47:55President Obama: ‘The Best is yet to come’
10/01/2012 08:06:17US ‘Red Lines’ for Bibi Netanyahu
09/19/2012 08:49:38Romney vs. Obama: Hail to the Chief - Obama!
08/24/2012 11:21:35The dispensability of the Abbas Regime
08/08/2012 10:05:24The impending Israeli and US war on Iran
05/01/2012 08:45:01Power Struggle within Israel’s Security establishment
03/07/2012 11:37:54War on Iran?
01/22/2012 10:20:40Iranian 'nuclear threat' and Israeli political realism
08/02/2011 08:25:33'Native informers' and the Norwegian mass-murderer
03/14/2011 10:00:32President Obama’s broken Promises
11/24/2010 09:44:37President Obama: The appeaser


10/02/2018 12:05:28Richard Hardigan, The Other Side of the Wall
05/23/2018 15:19:44The U.S. and Israel are marching towards War with Iran
05/01/2018 11:45:21Netanyahu's Anti-Iranian Reality-TV Show
01/11/2018 12:26:35Fire and Fury. Inside the Trump White House
12/12/2017 13:32:01German Politicians condemn Anti-Israel Protest as ‘Anti-Semitism’
11/28/2017 15:11:29Does the Israeli-Saudi Alliance plans a War against Iran?
11/14/2017 15:00:46Bannon: ‘Proud to be a Christian Zionist’
11/01/2017 12:06:34David Cronin, Balfour's Shadow
09/20/2017 11:48:08Trump's Bluster at the United Nations
09/04/2017 12:43:22Israel's Justice Minister Shaked Speaks the Truth
08/14/2017 12:01:15The Betrayal of India
08/03/2017 13:12:49Shadow World 2016
07/21/2017 11:37:06Ilan Pappe, Ten Myths About Israel
07/17/2017 11:30:06The US Empire, the CIA, and the NGOs
07/10/2017 11:29:56Wish You Weren't Here - or Zionist Propaganda against BDS
05/17/2017 14:46:48Mark Taliano, Voices from Syria
05/15/2017 11:32:02The US Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv
04/13/2017 10:39:55Trump's Attack on Syria Domestically Motivated
12/16/2016 10:49:04Western media propaganda campaign concerning Aleppo
11/11/2016 15:43:54No soul-searching by liberals and US presstitutes after Clinton's defeat
10/18/2016 11:09:06Zionism is Racism
10/03/2016 11:32:19The Palestine Exception to Free Speech in the U. S.
09/29/2016 09:23:03Shimon Peres - Obituary of a ‘Peace Politician’
07/23/2016 10:53:51What is Modern Israel?
07/05/2016 10:27:05Diana Johnstone, Queen of Chaos
06/24/2016 12:27:30Brits opted for Brexit! What comes next?
03/28/2016 10:59:05ISIS' main Enemy is Saudi Arabia not Israel
03/21/2016 10:05:53Eric Walberg, Islamic Resistance to Imperialism
02/28/2016 12:52:06The WikiLeaks Files- The World According to US Empire
02/11/2016 12:13:19Israel - a Zionist ‘Ghetto’ against ‘wild beasts’
02/05/2016 11:40:41Book Review: Apartheid in Palestine
01/31/2016 10:36:52The Settlers - A Documentary
11/21/2015 15:30:03Has the Zionist Lobby Hijacked the US Congress?
10/13/2015 13:27:45Is ‘Islamic Terrorism’ a myth?
06/29/2015 14:26:35The Globalization of War. America's 'Long War' against Humanity
06/24/2015 12:33:16Dissolve NATO Before it's too Late
06/08/2015 12:32:44The Zionist Lobby freaks out over BDS
05/19/2015 12:57:53Is the BDS Movement hijacked by Liberal Zionists?
04/20/2015 10:01:44Get rid of the Zionist Mythological Narrative
04/12/2015 10:40:40Freedom for Dr. Mohammed al-Roken
02/28/2015 14:40:26Bitter Lakes – ‘McJihad’ by US and Saudi Arabia
02/10/2015 14:06:03The US Police and Surveillance State
02/07/2015 14:03:42Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Terror or a pretext for war against Iran?
01/28/2015 12:12:00The Truth about the Fight against ‘Anti-Semitism’
12/23/2014 13:29:10Ran Greenstein, Zionism and its Discontents
12/16/2014 14:05:13The Loss of US and USS Liberty
12/13/2014 14:41:05The US Torture Empire
11/13/2014 13:58:08In Memory of US Soldier Tomas Young
10/28/2014 11:36:48Stephen Lendman (ed), Flashpoint in Ukraine
10/19/2014 13:07:44James Petras- The Politics of Empire
10/06/2014 11:28:42President Obama! Before taking on ISIS, topple the Saudi Regime
09/30/2014 11:04:12Netanyahu at the United Nations
08/23/2014 12:04:49Liberate Israel via Palestine
07/13/2014 12:13:23Israel attack of Gaza Strip
06/29/2014 14:32:45Jean-Claude Juncker: The Gravedigger of the European Union
06/03/2014 12:56:03Pope Francis visit to Palestine
04/19/2014 11:37:26Military Occupation, Apartheid, and Torture
03/21/2014 13:08:11Gareth Porter- Manufactured Crisis
03/06/2014 13:13:50Netanyahu’s anti-Iranian and anti-BDS rant at AIPAC
02/26/2014 13:20:26Nazi Germany and the Islamists
02/16/2014 14:07:13Paul Craig Roberts- How America was Lost
01/30/2014 12:18:37Understanding Shadows
01/25/2014 12:46:49War on Libya
12/20/2013 13:04:51Are 9/11 truthers anti-Israel or anti-Semites?
11/30/2013 12:48:589/11 in the Academic Community
11/09/2013 11:17:15Israel Shahak - Open Secrets Revisited
09/15/2013 10:53:28The Oslo Accords: 20 years of a political charade
09/13/2013 08:38:31The U.S. war machine makes a stopover in Syria on its way to Iran
09/05/2013 09:13:39Syria: America`s next War Target
08/21/2013 09:21:32Moshe Machover, Israelis and Palestinians: conflict and resolution
08/17/2013 09:03:11Elias Davidsson, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11. Counterfeiting Evidence
06/25/2013 12:36:04The Globalization of NATO
06/06/2013 11:38:47Paul L. Atwood- War and Empire
05/15/2013 09:22:59Francis A. Boyle, Destroying Libya and World Order
05/09/2013 09:35:06Zionism – The Real Enemy of the Jews, by Alan Hart
05/07/2013 09:33:19'Generation Palestine'
03/28/2013 07:52:07Unfree in Palestine
03/17/2013 09:06:41Obama should also visit the Gaza Strip
02/12/2013 09:48:07Arrested Development
02/07/2013 07:36:07Globalizing Torture
12/09/2012 10:54:10William T. Hathaway, Radical Peace
11/02/2012 08:45:58Antony Lerman- The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist
10/24/2012 08:33:54Miko Peled- The General’s Son
09/15/2012 08:34:26Thanks to Judith Butler!
07/16/2012 12:31:16Worldwide opposition to the next war against Iran
06/27/2012 10:46:07Pakistan. The US, Geopolitics and Grand Strategies
06/05/2012 09:08:27Norman G. Finkelstein, Knowing too much
05/29/2012 08:20:03Leila Khaled, Icon of Palestinian Liberation
05/06/2012 08:14:19Speaking the Truth- Zionism, Israel, and Occupation
03/31/2012 09:44:36Faith under Occupation
03/19/2012 13:31:46James Petras, The Arab Revolt and the Imperialist Counterattack
02/21/2012 10:32:49Tikva Honig-Parnass, False Prophets of Peace
02/05/2012 10:32:25Ben White, Palestinians in Israel
01/19/2012 15:11:26Felicia Langer: a lifelong struggle for justice and freedom in Palestine
01/04/2012 12:37:17Russell Tribunal on Palestine
12/14/2011 16:42:35Saudi Arabia: the “good" tyranny
11/24/2011 10:04:18Azoulay- From Palestine to Israel
11/20/2011 12:09:03Qumsiyeh's Popular Resistance
11/14/2011 18:39:07Across The Wall
11/11/2011 10:43:48Boyle: Right of Return
09/22/2011 14:10:32Israeli Rejectionism
09/04/2011 08:59:26Palestinian statehood – a non-starter?
07/28/2011 08:42:58Brown Skin- White Masks
04/28/2011 09:17:57David Cronin, Europe’s Alliance with Israel
02/07/2011 12:51:29Ilan Pappé - 'Out of the Frame'
01/11/2011 11:27:11John Strawson: Partitioning Palestine
12/10/2010 11:15:39Happy Birthday Felicia Langer!
11/22/2010 12:38:33Ben White, Israeli Apartheid. A Beginner´s Guide
11/15/2010 12:38:23A swansong of Obama´s Presidency
08/16/2010 09:14:21Khaled Hroub, Hamas. A Beginner´s Guide
07/02/2010 10:09:05In memoriam Israel Shahak
06/21/2010 11:53:48Quicksand: 'America´s pursuit of power in the Middle East'
06/10/2010 08:25:47It´s not piracy, it´s an act of aggression, and an act of war
05/26/2010 09:26:14Erasing Iraq. The Human Costs of Carnage
04/02/2010 12:47:00The Invention of the Jewish People
03/22/2010 08:32:23Carl Boggs, The Crime of Empire. Rogue Superpower and World Domination


07/05/2018 13:08:31The Skripals and a new Novichock Affair
06/22/2018 09:45:37Felicia Langer- German-Israeli Human Rights lawyer dies
03/31/2018 16:08:12Solidarity with Julian Assange and Carles Puigdemont
03/07/2018 16:16:11Israel is trying to drag the US into another war
10/03/2017 11:15:15A Palestinian State Takes Time
08/09/2017 12:25:53Saudi Arabia and Israel are Best Buddies
06/08/2017 12:48:56Becky Anderson- CNN's Fake News
03/02/2017 12:27:15The White Helmets, an al-Qaida Affiliate, wins an OSCAR
01/20/2017 13:47:59Is Trump going to be hoodwinked by Netanyahu such as Obama?
01/07/2017 12:26:16CIA, NSA, and the Media against Trump
11/30/2016 13:01:54President Obama, close Guantanamo before it's too late!
11/21/2016 12:06:48Mark Zuckerberg, don't get hoodwinked by Media and Politicians
09/18/2016 08:51:369/11 - a U.S. Conspiracy against a peaceful World
08/31/2016 11:08:54Abbas Police as Israel's Hitman?
08/28/2016 12:52:19Should Hillary Clinton be indicted?
07/10/2016 13:14:28Hillary Clinton - A Specter Haunting the Entire World
05/21/2016 09:01:44Moshe Ya'alon fixes Netanyahu in resignation speech
03/23/2016 11:54:04US Presidential Candidates bow before AIPAC
01/27/2016 12:13:59PA's complicity with the Israeli Occupying Power
01/16/2016 16:32:20Freedom for Ashraf Fayadh
01/08/2016 14:59:24Trump for President?
12/14/2015 14:27:02ISIS- Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?
10/31/2015 12:34:06Netanyahu: Nazis, not Mufti al-Husseini, Responsible for Holocaust
10/04/2015 12:18:36Freedom for Omid Kokabee
09/24/2015 12:38:04Freedom for Ali Muhammed Al-Nimr
09/07/2015 11:22:02Edward Snowdon should leave Russia for Germany
05/05/2015 11:03:49Pamela Geller - America's New Isamophobic ‘Acid Queen’
04/13/2015 10:58:17The United States of Israel
03/12/2015 08:48:28Avigdor Lieberman, ISIS, and the Saudi Regime
02/19/2015 13:56:01Freedom for Shaker Aamer
01/25/2015 13:37:28Close Guantánamo
01/20/2015 14:28:30Netanyahu: Prime Minister of Israel or the Leader of the ‘Jewish People’?
01/18/2015 14:41:08I'm Maurice Sinet - 'I like Charlie Coulibaly'
01/14/2015 18:42:23Freedom for Badawi
01/08/2015 15:03:17Charlie Hebdo - or who is to blame?
01/01/2015 14:42:36Shame on University of Pennsylvania (U of Penn)
11/18/2014 11:16:13Why are Israeli and Russian 'Occupiers' so close Buddies?
10/08/2014 12:23:18Biden Told the Truth
08/18/2014 14:02:44Israel: Democracy or a 'Rogue State'?
11/10/2013 11:44:15Netanyahu the Rejectionist
11/06/2013 13:09:59Edward Snowden: Stay where you are!
06/20/2013 09:07:04President Obama visits Germany
06/15/2013 09:44:38President Obama: Stay where you are
02/04/2013 17:33:07Chuck Hagel should withdraw his nomination
01/01/2013 09:59:42Congratulations to Carlos Latuff and Jakob Augstein
10/13/2012 08:33:07Kenneth M. Lewan – in memoriam
05/13/2012 09:29:48The Palestine Nakba
04/16/2012 13:09:50Pope Benedict´s XVI should visit Sabra and Shatila

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05/12/2014 11:07:09What Does It Mean to Be a Friend of Israel?


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